Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Starter /// Dimitri ///

I am Dimitri and I am from Greece. I study Urban Design at a college in the US and I am about to finish my first degree... in just 3 weeks... OMG!!! I have to work and do grown-up stuff. Life, I think they call it.

It has been only recently that I was introduced to photography. I see photography as a refuge and an escape from work. I also see it as an opportunity to experiment. And I experiment a lot with it. I am totally amateur in this and certainly not an expert. I have only held a camera for about 2 years time. Almost all of my photos possess extremely different tones and post-processing work, as well as very different subjects. I strive for difference. I use an entry level DSLR \\ Nikon D40 and one-of-a-kind compact DSLR \\ Sigma DP1. Between the two I love the Sigma DP1.

I recently started blogging (like 5 days ago). I never understood the fascination of Tumblr until I got an account 6 days ago. :)

My only wish is to own a Leica one day... :)

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  1. hi dimitri. love your photos on flickriver...experimenting is good, that's the best way to learn :)