Sunday, April 25, 2010

D80 HDR/Fisheye lenses?

Okay, so I really don't understand how to do this completely since i don't know what VT and some things are on my camera, and I have been wanting to try aHDR photo for the longest time! Can someone explain it to me like you would a baby?
Ohh, were can i find a good/cheap fisheye lens to fit a D80? Can I pop my Diana f+ on it or do i sound crazy?


  1. I am actually about to attempt HDR tonight or tomorrow. :]
    I looked at a book at Barnes and Noble and wrote down the basic gist of it, so hopefully it works!
    If it does, I will tell you what I did if someone else that has more knowledge of it doesn't reply before that.

  2. Hi! HDR is a pretty fun technique, and one that has a huge amount of depth to it. I wrote a tutorial which also has a 15% discount for the popular HDR software photomatix here:

    I've just started, so it is a walkthrough of my capture and post processing techniques from the point of view of an HDR newb.

    I hope it helps.