Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Explore on Flickr

Has anyone here gotten a photo into Explore on Flickr?
If so, post it here. :]

Does anyone know what determines a photo getting into Explore? I have never gotten one and was just curious.


Introduction - Rachel Celeste

Hey! My name is Rachel and I am a twenty-five gal from Canada, working full time while simulatenously taking courses through distance ed. Most of the spare time that I have left is spent taking photographs. Back in December of 2009 I started my first 365days self-portrait adventure and I'm highly considering attempting the 100 strangers project as well.

I shoot with a Canon 50D that I bought in July of 2009. You can see most of my photography on my flickr. A lot of my inspiration comes from everyday life, poetry and the wonderful people I surround myself with.

Like Aia I am also joining this community because I was asked to share some tips and advice about photography, and like most of us here (all of us?!) I am not a professional by any means! Photography is all about learning and experimenting so I am looking forward to what will come out of TeamSixteen.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

D80 HDR/Fisheye lenses?

Okay, so I really don't understand how to do this completely since i don't know what VT and some things are on my camera, and I have been wanting to try aHDR photo for the longest time! Can someone explain it to me like you would a baby?
Ohh, were can i find a good/cheap fisheye lens to fit a D80? Can I pop my Diana f+ on it or do i sound crazy?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Photographers Block

Seeing as I am reaching the tail end of my photographers block and I am sure everyone here has probably experienced one at some point or another, I thought maybe we could assist each other. :]

What do you do when you get a photographers block?
Do you have any method in which you attempt to stir up inspiration?

Here's to Life

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Here goes. :]

Again and Again

My name is Resa. I am an eighteen year old photographer with dreams as abundant as the stars. I live in Northern Illinois and work at a donut shop (though I despise donuts with a passion). I am deeply in love with a fro-haired cutie [032308-forever <3].

I decided I wanted to be a photographer at the age of six while accompanying my sister while she worked on a school project. I followed her around in the woods and pointed out things I wanted her to take photos of, and it was then that I decided photography was my calling.

I went from using mom's film camera (and leaving her with a bajillion rolls to develop) to dad's not-so-great digital camera to another not-so-great 3mp digital camera I received as a gift.
Finally I saved up some money and purchased a Digital Rebel XT, which I named Magritte after my favorite artist, Rene Magritte. It's pretty out of date now, but it was top of the line when I got it. :p My abilities didn't really progress much until I got Magritte, and since then people seem to be slightly interested in my art for some reason. :p

I have won first place in the Triton College Photography Contest twice and second place once.
I have also won runner up in the USA Network Character's Welcome Contest.
Received press passes for both Mushroomhead and Dope, two bands I enjoy quite a bit.

annnnd. I think that is more than enough for now, I ramble a bit.

P.S. Here is a link to my flickr
and my deviantart .

:] <3

Ummm....discussion! :)

Sooo... I don't exactly know what exactly we're s'posed to do.... err, I mean post. So I just thought, what about a discussion? So here it is.

What do you think of nudity in photography?

What I personally think, and this is just my opinion, is that it makes me uncomfortable to look at, and frankly I don't like it. I think Just maybe a bare back is okay, as long as it's not, like, slutty or too revealing or stuff... That doesn't mean I think it's okay, I just don't mind it as much. The thing I don't like is full-blown, take off yer knickers sort of nudity. Even just showing of a butt is just like, eww, don't wanna see your private details! Now, I'm not trying to offend anyone or something. This is a discussion. Those are just my thoughts.

What are yours?


Oh, by the way, I do have Formspring. Ask me anything. I'll post it on my Flickr.


hello all. my name is aia, and i'm not going to release my age on this site, because, for the most part, i could be your mother ;D i do have four children, ages 14, 12, 11 & 5. i live in alberta, canada.

i am joining this community because i have been asked to share some tips & advice on photography. on that note, i am not a professional, just an amature that has been capturing life for about 18 years, 6 of those years being digital. i am constantly learning, too, and am striving to be open to new ideas. i own a canon powershot SE is & a pentax MZ-7 (film, but the shutter is on its last wheezing breath), so my canon serves me well these days. my dream is to own something a bit fancier, but for now i am living in the moment. my inspiration for photography is daily life, my kids & other artists on flickr, which is probably one of the best photosharing sites out there. you can check out my stream at http://www.flickr.com/photos/aclamp/

i look forward to growing with everyone here.

Purpleaye 'ere !

Hey there !
I'm Andrew, although i use Purpleaye as my online name.
I'm a 14 year old freshman, studying in a American school in Shanghai.
My passion for photography began when i made my first purchase of a Canon 7D, from there on, i started learning about the basics, then on to more advanced material.

I'm a huge fan of HDR and landscape photography, i think that my best work consists of those two categories.

Check out my work here , my best work is in the Portfolio set.

Thanks for the invitation and i sure hope to meet some new people ! (:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not just a child.

Hey, I'm Lexie rain, call me Lexie(: I guess I am now the youngest so far, I am 13 years old as of January 13. I have always had a passion for photography, didn't really start till I was 12. I am no photographer, I am just an amateur learning, I believe my work is progressing. I feel the same way as Tori, I some times get frustrated that I just cant be as amazing as someone, but what I have learned is to just look at those photos and use them to motivate me.

I am the most scatterbrained person you will ever meet(: I at the moment hold a Nikon D80 & Diana F+ in my hands, looking forward to upgrading soon. I don't have a blog. One of the things I say to myself when I'm looking at the photos I have taken is: Art is art, whatever art may be, it is beautiful.

My Photography.
Ohh, my hair is red. Not burbleindy, the made up color.
No beautiful, recent, creative interesting photo of myself . So this is what I have(:

Hey hey hey!

Haha, Tori, I just read your post about being the young one :) Sorry to disappoint, but I'm younger with my 14 years :)
Sooo, I'm Melanie, and I'm from the Great White North :) (meaning the wild, cold Canada)
I've been "into" photography since Grade 6 (that's what, 2 years ago?) And I'd love to say that I love every minute of it, but sometimes I'm just so frustrated! Why can't I be as talented as ______ over there... haha. I try my best, and I've got to admit I've gotten better.
About me.... hmmm. I'm tall, "smart" (in today's world often seen as a Nerd) I have medium long hair that literally comes in all shades of almost anything except for light-blond, black, white, and gray. Umm, I have an adorable bunny named Max Thumper Helium :) Insiderrrr haha. Maybe some day I'll tell ya'll how he got his name :)
I also have two fish, Tigger and Keckles, and I used to have 1/6 of a hamster, Tweaky Caramel Esau Parrott, until she died a few weeks ago :(
Oh, and I like decorating and reading and art. A lot.
Also oh, I am originally from Germany, have lived in the States when I was little, been to Equador, Sweden, and the Netherlands. And I've got to set some things straight.
1. Hitler was not German. He was Austrian. Duh.
2. Basshunter is also not German. He's Swedish. Dur.
3. I'm Mennonite (only ancestor-like, not actually really) and therefore NOT really German. I just grew up there. Mennonites are Dutch.

I wrote a lot. Sorry.
Oh, and sometimes Je suis bĂȘte. Yes, you can google that.
Aaaand, I'm a child of God, and no, I'm not trying to preach at ya or convert ya (that would be nice, though) Just sayin.

Peace. Love. Happiness.


Oh, and I have Flickr account under melaniesau.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Call me the young one!

Dude. Dude. Duuuuuuuudddde. I'm the young one. No, I'm not a male. Just because I use the term "dude" sometimes doesn't mean that I am one.

My real name is actually Tori, for those of you wondering-ish. I'm fifteen and got my hands on my Canon Powershot S5 a month, actually in April (This month), after my thirteenth birthday. I've been with photography for around two years and have loved most of my time with photography. Photography has irritated me and sometimes has made me want to just throw my camera on the ground and scream, thankfully I'm sane enough to not do that. The camera I use now is a Canon T1i, WUT NAO. ;D I don't have an interesting story on how I got into photography though. :(

My Photography.

Well hey there, gang.

I'm Ellen. I've had a passion for photography for a few years now and could barely hold back tears when my parents surprised me with a Nikon D3000 three months ago.

As a young, aspiring photographer, I always feel undermined when I see people with such surreal talent. I'm working on letting it intimidate me less and instead using the beautiful shots as motivation for me to get out and learn how to capture mind-blowing photos.

My favorite subjects in pictures are people. There is nothing I love more than taking a beautiful person, and capturing a beautiful picture of him or her. That's probably why my "models" are usually my best friends.

I guess I can post a photo. I'm aware that it's really nerdy.

The Starter /// Dimitri ///

I am Dimitri and I am from Greece. I study Urban Design at a college in the US and I am about to finish my first degree... in just 3 weeks... OMG!!! I have to work and do grown-up stuff. Life, I think they call it.

It has been only recently that I was introduced to photography. I see photography as a refuge and an escape from work. I also see it as an opportunity to experiment. And I experiment a lot with it. I am totally amateur in this and certainly not an expert. I have only held a camera for about 2 years time. Almost all of my photos possess extremely different tones and post-processing work, as well as very different subjects. I strive for difference. I use an entry level DSLR \\ Nikon D40 and one-of-a-kind compact DSLR \\ Sigma DP1. Between the two I love the Sigma DP1.

I recently started blogging (like 5 days ago). I never understood the fascination of Tumblr until I got an account 6 days ago. :)

My only wish is to own a Leica one day... :)

The Introduction

My name is Caitlin and I'm a young teen from New Jersey. I don't consider myself a photographer, and I don't know their ways, but the techniques I use for taking pictures I will try and share on this blog. My photography is here and my blog is here.

Everyone seems to like when a photo tells a story, but I prefer to like the ones that make me feel.

My photos show me. And here I am.

New member: introduction

Hi, I just became a member, so we thought it'd be nice if I shared a few introduction with you.

I'm a 20 years old girl, from and currently living in Venezuela. I moved into photography by late 2008; and haven't stopped ever since. The way is still long though ;)
And yes, I've got a blog.

I think the most captivating thing about photography is that feeling you get, that you are preserving a moment. There is something magical (or very close) when you feel you've caught that instant. That, when you take THE photo. The one which tells the whole story. And this is the first photo I'm sharing with you.

PS. Next time, I promise I'll tell you this story. Or some other.

Monday, April 19, 2010

so it begins

My name be Jaidev, some also know me as JadenDave.

I come from Missouri, finishing up my second semester of college, living life, looking forward to the days to come, nothing being rushed at all, and as always, bonding with my Nikon D3000.

If your feeling bliss, do check out my blog.

The rest, I'll let the pictures decide.