Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not just a child.

Hey, I'm Lexie rain, call me Lexie(: I guess I am now the youngest so far, I am 13 years old as of January 13. I have always had a passion for photography, didn't really start till I was 12. I am no photographer, I am just an amateur learning, I believe my work is progressing. I feel the same way as Tori, I some times get frustrated that I just cant be as amazing as someone, but what I have learned is to just look at those photos and use them to motivate me.

I am the most scatterbrained person you will ever meet(: I at the moment hold a Nikon D80 & Diana F+ in my hands, looking forward to upgrading soon. I don't have a blog. One of the things I say to myself when I'm looking at the photos I have taken is: Art is art, whatever art may be, it is beautiful.

My Photography.
Ohh, my hair is red. Not burbleindy, the made up color.
No beautiful, recent, creative interesting photo of myself . So this is what I have(:


  1. hi lexi. looking into your photostream, i can see you are definetly a free spirit :) keep shooting!