Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hey hey hey!

Haha, Tori, I just read your post about being the young one :) Sorry to disappoint, but I'm younger with my 14 years :)
Sooo, I'm Melanie, and I'm from the Great White North :) (meaning the wild, cold Canada)
I've been "into" photography since Grade 6 (that's what, 2 years ago?) And I'd love to say that I love every minute of it, but sometimes I'm just so frustrated! Why can't I be as talented as ______ over there... haha. I try my best, and I've got to admit I've gotten better.
About me.... hmmm. I'm tall, "smart" (in today's world often seen as a Nerd) I have medium long hair that literally comes in all shades of almost anything except for light-blond, black, white, and gray. Umm, I have an adorable bunny named Max Thumper Helium :) Insiderrrr haha. Maybe some day I'll tell ya'll how he got his name :)
I also have two fish, Tigger and Keckles, and I used to have 1/6 of a hamster, Tweaky Caramel Esau Parrott, until she died a few weeks ago :(
Oh, and I like decorating and reading and art. A lot.
Also oh, I am originally from Germany, have lived in the States when I was little, been to Equador, Sweden, and the Netherlands. And I've got to set some things straight.
1. Hitler was not German. He was Austrian. Duh.
2. Basshunter is also not German. He's Swedish. Dur.
3. I'm Mennonite (only ancestor-like, not actually really) and therefore NOT really German. I just grew up there. Mennonites are Dutch.

I wrote a lot. Sorry.
Oh, and sometimes Je suis bĂȘte. Yes, you can google that.
Aaaand, I'm a child of God, and no, I'm not trying to preach at ya or convert ya (that would be nice, though) Just sayin.

Peace. Love. Happiness.


Oh, and I have Flickr account under melaniesau.


  1. Ok. Than I'm the young one when it comes to maturity. I'm really immature.. and short. :P

  2. Well, we might be able to compete on the (im)maturity part. Hah. And I'm not the youngest one anymore :(
    Lexie is. But that's all right :)

  3. hi melanie. you have a great sense of body language & capture it well on camera. i really lied your 'dirty feet' reminds me of my kids :)