Thursday, April 22, 2010

Purpleaye 'ere !

Hey there !
I'm Andrew, although i use Purpleaye as my online name.
I'm a 14 year old freshman, studying in a American school in Shanghai.
My passion for photography began when i made my first purchase of a Canon 7D, from there on, i started learning about the basics, then on to more advanced material.

I'm a huge fan of HDR and landscape photography, i think that my best work consists of those two categories.

Check out my work here , my best work is in the Portfolio set.

Thanks for the invitation and i sure hope to meet some new people ! (:


  1. hi andrew. i love how your HDR manip is subtle in your photos; great work :)

    a question for you: what makes a school american? i have never heard that term before. TIA!

  2. haha, well. our school follows the american curriculum, uses the american gpa system and etc, it's hard to explain :l.

  3. Hey. I go SAS too, except I go to the puxi campus. I'm a freshman too.