Wednesday, May 5, 2010


While visiting family I always try and go on a mission with my camera. I find it inspiring being somewhere different and not going to the same local locations. I have found some really cool locations outside the town they where they live. Theres quite a lot of wildlife but my best finds were a substation and a what I thought was a disused railway track with tunnels.
It turns out its actually a test track and does get used from time to time.

When I found the substation my camera was set to ISO 1600 I have a d50 so this is slightly noisey. I never checked it so it wasnt until I returned home to find the slightly noisey images. Unimpressed as I really liked a some of the shots I had taken. Then the idea came converting to B&W. Afterall grainy noise and B&W go hand in hand. A brilliant idea I cant imagine them in colour now.


  1. the b/w definitely works great, i'm looking forward to having an out of state family vacation soon..

  2. I love the angle and perspective on the train track one.