Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DeviantArt and Firefox :]

Sooo. I don't know if any of my fellow photographers here use DeviantArt or Firefox, but as I stumbled upon the internet today, I experienced the most superb art browsing to ever have experienced before. DeviantArt's version seven has made it so that you can see multiple pieces of art at the bottom of the page you are already on. You can browse through the gallery you are in by clicking the arrow keys, whereas before you had to go back to the gallery and click on another link, so on and so forth.

Upon discovering the new DeviantArt, I found out that Firefox has a new full screen mode. This makes it so the internet is your whole screen and the bar at the top is hidden away unless you scroll near it.

Art has never looked so good. :]

<3 Resa

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  1. ahhhh i just found out the full screen mode on firefox a couple of days ago, it has made my life soooo much more convenient! gotta love it =]

    nice post