Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another introduction, this one's Alyssa.

Well hello. That is me, if you hadn't assumed as much. I happen to be fifteen, and currently experiencing everything being bigger in Texas, which is a weird way of me saying I live there. Pictures, to me, are rather about feeling than specific settings and numbers. But then again, I'm amateur to say the least.

I'm slighly embarrassed by my first experiences with photography. During the awkward years of middle school classified by girls trying to be cool through wearing unflattering lip gloss and too-big-but-name-brand graphic tees, my shiny pink digital camera never left my wrist when going to an outing with friends. The pictures were uploaded by the hundreds, the composition being me and one other, possibly two, making stupid faces with the only creativity involved in the angle (which was always straight above my head, pointed down with our faces turned towards it). When I was feeling outgoing, I'd turn to the camera solo, locking myself in the bathroom and turning out a mirror pic where the flash covers half of the picture, and another quarter taken up by dirty spots on the mirror. For years these were my photography skills. To me, having fun with friends was taking pictures looking like I was having fun with friends. As it was for all of us in those years.

Needless to say, those days are overcome, thankfully.
And what I am now, well, I suppose you're on your own for that story.

This is my stream.

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  1. welcome alyssa. you have a great way of capturing light. very nice stream.