Thursday, June 10, 2010


So, I'm not gonna lie, I love Flickr. I spend way too many hours on it. Zack Ahern is a seriously rad photographer, and I found him through Flickr, and he introduced me (through a link on his profile--yes I'm a creeper) to Strobist

So my question is, has any one of y'all tried strobes, or external flashes? I am wanting to get myself some Strobist gear (not official Canon of course--sorry but I don't have a spare few hundred bucks for a single flash). Please tell us about your experience if you have. :) 


  1. Off camera flash rocks!

    I got given a flash gun that wasn't compatible with my camera, so I bought some Cactus V4 radio triggers and went from there!

    It really is a lot of fun learning about flash ratio's and sync speeds and stuff.
    Plus you can create your own awesome lighting.

    I recommend getting into it, or at least giving Lighting 101 (on the Strobist blog) a read.

  2. That's what I was planning to get, Cactus V4s I mean. I'm probably going to get a YN-460 flash, it's pretty much the cheapest I could find. :O :P It seems pretty good though.

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  4. Welcome to the world of off camera lighting. Strobist 101 is a good place to start. Also, one thing I notice about a lot of new 'strobists' is more attention is paid to just getting the light off camera as opposed to really understanding the way different light sources interact with different subjects, ratios, hard vs. soft, balancing temperature, etc. A really good book is "light, science and magic." It reads almost like a text book, but it is a great introspective into the way light behaves. I like to try and replicate effects with cheap 'hot' lights (lamps essentially) too. It is a cheap, easy and immediately responsive way to play with light.