Thursday, June 17, 2010

The story behind (2)

...The time has come. So, for the (few) curious of you out there, I'll be delighted to tell you what was the (not so big) deal. Actually, the real story was kind of funny and kind of ordinary that you wouldn't believe it, but it's the best way to make things happen.

So now, I've been told the friends in the photo are such a cute couple, the nice mood of the photo itself and the nice lighting it has. But believe me, it's all about the moment. I know it's not a Pulitzer winner but it has a "thing", some magic in it. Again, the moment. So here is the ugly truth:

They are not even each other's type, just friends. They were sitting there, just checking how much cash could we put together in order to buy some water, because of the damnnn hot weather. He was holding some coins in the hand you can't see, and she was laughing because of the "poor mode on" day we were having.

I was sitting with a third friend out of the frame, so when I just saw the whole scene, without saying a word, stood up and silently took the photo. And, that's it.

So, now that you know the truth, I'd like to make clear one point. I wouldn't like to enter that debate about telling-the-story-just-kills-the-magic thing; I told it because I wanted, so it's up to you consider if the magic is still there (or if it has left, or if it's stronger than ever...). Other than that, I insist, the shooting moment is crucial: I think that's the magic, getting something new from those ordinary moments. (the speech's end is near, I promise) Nothing new, but it's something some of us tend to forget, so let's keep it in mind.

Finally, if you have any question, just let me know. :)

In case you don't remember it, or you just ignored my post (promise me it won't happen again) this is the photograph I'm talking about.

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