Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lens Flares?

Hey there guys! This is just a topic I thought I would post having to due with lens flares...i can't do them. I just wanted to know if anyone has found a nice shutter speed to get a really nice lens flare. This is a recent photo I took that I'm not happy with the lens flare: Lonesome
I just don't like how it kind of floods out the whole image.
I would like it to turn out more like the lens flare in this picture with the streetlights. Photo: James Senzer.
Night Speed
Just wanted to know if anyone had any tips! Thanks!


  1. Looking at the EXIF data of the photos you linked, and from this photo of mine:

    I would say try a smaller aperture! Larger f/stop, obviously. Mine was taken at f/8.0, my camera's max f/stop, and the example you showed was at f/29! So I would say try that and let us know what you get. :)

  2. i would say a smaller aperture, too. i love flare, but usually i just point, and move the camera where i like the effect. some lenses don't like flare, where others love it.

  3. Small aperture was used to combat high ASA. Lens flare is due to both angle and intensity of light. Authors photo: Light source too far off in one corner for the lens/ image sensor to handle.

    If you really like stars, get a star filter.

    - J. Senzer

  4. If you want to change the light source into a "star" you need to just stop your lens down (your star will have as many points as your aperture has blades). Flare is more how the light interacts with the lens and its elements usually seen as a focused streak across the image with points that will bunch (kinda looks like a laser beam or something) like this:

    Also, if you are using a UV filter remove it, especially at night as you will get strange light scatter and potential ghosting.

  5. Though every one above brings good points, they aren't necessarily right on all aspects. You do not need a low aperture (seeing how my example below is set at f/25) and at night you do not need to remove your UV filter (seeing how I left it on in my example).

    Here's a shot I took to demonstrate lens flare in the shape of stars (its not a good shot, but it shows off the flare)

    Hope this helped,