Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Starting Equipment

Hey guys, I just thought it would be nice to make a post discussing the type of equipment we all used when we got into photography. Just comment below and we'll see how many people will post! For me, I started with a Sony Cybershot and then moved my way up to a Sony DSC-H20. It's still in the Cybershot line, but has more of the DSLR features, such as a manual mode and conversion lenses. Do some film as well with a Minolta Maxxum 5000.

Thanks, Parker C.




  1. I started with a sony DSCw1.Well made with a metal body and with a few manual functions.

  2. I started with a few analog camera's like the Canon Prima BF-8 (without any manual functions),the Minolta Riva (Without any manual functions) and another Minolta, even without a flash.
    My first Digital camera was a Sony Cybershot DSC-S500. Just call it the worst camera I ever had. My friend had a Canon Powershot A530. He said: "Well you hve 6 megapixels, and I have 5!)
    So I said,so, shall we switch? Well, we did for that afternoon. And I noticed the Canon was superb in compare to my Sony, so I just wanted a Canon.

    A few years later, I asked a DSLR for my birthday. I didn't have a clue which one,because I wasn't there when my uncle bought it. It was,luckily a Canon :D